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Leveling Up on Steam: Navigating the New AI Game Rules for a Gamer’s Delight

AI game rules

Ever wondered how Steam’s stance on AI games has evolved? Initially cautious about diving into the realm of generative AI, the gaming giant has now declared open gates for a plethora of AI-infused titles. So, what’s the lowdown on these AI game rules and what do they mean for avid gamers?

In 2023, Steam’s parent company Valve wisely pumped the brakes, acknowledging the need to decode the legal labyrinth surrounding generative AI. Fast forward to January 10, 2024, and the game has changed. Valve unfurled guidelines allowing developers to unleash games that harness the power of AI.

Now, AI games are divided into two camps: pre-generated (crafted with AI tool assistance) and live-generated (AI creating content on the fly). Developers, eager to ride the AI wave, must fill out an AI disclosure form, vowing to keep their games free from illegal or infringing content.

How will these new rules impact gamers? Let’s dive in:

    1. A Gamers’ Wonderland on Steam:  Brace yourselves for an influx of gaming delights! Thanks to generative AI, expect a surge in diverse titles, especially from smaller studios flexing their creative muscles.The possibilities are vast, and the variety of games on Steam is about to get a serious upgrade.
    2. The Rise of AI-Generated Shovelware:  More games can be a double-edged sword. While it opens doors for innovation, the ease of creating with generative AI may lead to a flood of low-quality shovelware. Gamers might find themselves sifting through a sea of clones, making the hunt for genuine indie gems a tad more challenging.
    3. Playing Sheriff: Reporting Illegal AI Content:  With great power comes great responsibility. Developers are entrusted with AI disclosures, but the onus is on players to report any illicit content.Given the history of bypassing AI guardrails, some games might sneak through, relying on vigilant players to uphold the rules.
    4. Spotting the AI Telltale Signs: For those steering clear of AI-generated content, keep an eye out for disclosures on Steam Store pages. Quality concerns or ethical considerations may drive gamers to avoid such titles. Here’s hoping Steam makes these disclosures unmistakable, empowering gamers to make informed choices.

Whether you’re thrilled about the influx of creative AI-fueled games or wary of potential pitfalls in quality and discoverability, one thing’s certain: Steam is officially welcoming the era of generative AI in gaming. Get ready for a digital adventure like never before!