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Unlocking Seamless Conversations: A Guide to Harnessing ChatGPT’s GPT Mentions for Custom GPT Integration

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Hey there, ChatGPT Plus users! Exciting news – we’ve got a game-changer for you called GPT Mentions, and it’s about to amp up your chat game. Buckle up as we explore this nifty feature that’s designed to sprinkle some magic into your conversations with custom GPTs.

Let’s Break It Down: What’s GPT Mentions All About?

So, as a proud ChatGPT Plus member, you’ve got a golden ticket to the Custom GPT Store. Inside, you’ll find these specialized GPTs like KAYAK, Canva, and Consensus, each geared up for specific tasks. But what if you’re feeling adventurous and want to mix insights from a couple of these GPTs in one chat? Enter GPT Mentions – our freshest feature still in Beta.

Here’s the deal – you can now mention one or more custom GPTs in your chat using the trusty “@” symbol. But here’s the twist – you can only add GPTs you’ve had a chat with before. It’s like building a dynamic, personalized team for your conversation.

How to Dance with GPT Mentions

Picture this: You’re on a quest, maybe gathering data for an infographic. Start by chatting up Consensus GPT to get the info scoop. Once you’re armed with the deets, smoothly transition to Canva by dropping a mention in your chat and picking the Canva GPT option.

With just a click, you’re now shooting the breeze with Canva, referring to the cool insights you got from Consensus. Ask Canva to whip up a graphic introducing the research, and voilà – watch the magic unfold!

Feel free to get picky with your requests – fonts, text tweaks, you name it. These custom GPTs are here to make your wishes come true. Oh, and don’t worry about external data – your permission will always be asked before any GPT goes on a data-fetching mission. Just hit “Allow,” and you’re good to go.

Endless Adventures: Work and Play

Now, here’s where it gets exciting – GPT Mentions is like your versatile sidekick. Combine KAYAK and AllTrails GPTs for a travel bonanza! Tell KAYAK to find those dreamy spots in Germany and snag upcoming flights. Then, seamlessly bring in AllTrails using GPT Mentions to uncover trails near the hotels KAYAK recommended.

Your chat becomes a powerhouse – hotels, flights, and trails, all neatly bundled up. And guess what? GPT Mentions isn’t picky; it plays well in both work and play scenarios. Whether you’re tackling tasks at work or planning your next adventure, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

So, ChatGPT Plus pals, don’t miss out on the GPT Mentions fun. Dive in today, talk to multiple GPTs at once, and unlock a whole new dimension of possibilities in your ChatGPT adventures. Ready for the chat revolution? Let’s go! 🚀